Windows 2003 增加 TCP Session


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標題: Re: Windows 2003 增加 TCP Session
時間: Sat Mar  8 00:24:35 2008

※ 引述《Winggy (CISSP SUCKS, ISC2 SUCKS)》之銘言:
:         最近碰到一個狀況懷疑是 Windows 2003 對 TCP session 有上限造成的
:         一堆 socket 的狀況都在 TCP_WAIT
:         不知道 Windows 2003 有沒有預設的 Session 上限, 要怎麼增加 ?
:         叩謝 m(_ _)m


說明: 節錄自 Performance Tuning Guide for Win2k3
A port is used whenever an active connection is used from a computer. Given
the default value of available user mode ports (5,000 for each IP address)
and TCP time-wait requirements, it may be necessary to make more ports
available on the system. You can set the following registry entry to as high
as 0xfffe (65534):

如果 Connection Request 太多造成一顆 CPU 100%,可以考慮安裝 Scalable Network


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